...Into our Circle of Friends

We come from all over - Oregon, Washington, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  We're from all walks of life.  We have jobs, homes, families, friends, and pets.

What drew us together was our love of genealogy, history and historic memorabilia.   What binds us together are years of sharing silly jokes and laughter, celebrations, creative ideas, good advice, great times . . . and  challenges,  frustrations,  even tragedies. 
We lost our dear friend, Darlene Mohlsick, in January 2004, but she'll always be within our circle.  Visit our Memorial to Darlene (Roxy's gorgeous graphics do us all proud).

Our history together...well...you just had to be there.  But we extend you the warmest welcome and hope you'll take the time to visit our genealogy, history and vintage postcard web sites!

Meet the Gang:

Pat Pat lives in a northeast suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, and hosts history, genealogy and vintage postcard web sites for  Chicago & Northern Illinois, Connecticut,  "Lowcountry" South Carolina, East Tennessee and a variety of other places. 

Visit Pat's Place for links to all of her personal and public web sites. 

Jan lives just outside of Big Rapids, Michigan and is an avid genealogy and history person, hosting websites for the USGW in numerous states.

Stop by and visit Jan's Digs for connections to many of the public and private websites.

Dave Dave can be found in Michigan, where vintage memorabilia and Great Lakes car ferries are among his passions.  Here are links to Dave's web sites:

Tracy grew up all over the country, from NH to CA and many places in between, but now calls a small town in Eastern North Carolina home - one of the very towns her ancestors helped to found close to 280 years ago.

If we can ever get her at her computer for more than 15 minutes in a row, perhaps she'll put some of her genealogy stuff back online!

Darilee lives northeast of Seattle, and owns a very cool bookstore there. 

Her newest project is called, "Faces from the Wall", featuring photographs of fallen Viet Nam veterans (starting with Washington and Idaho).  Links to Darilee's web sites:

Roxy was born in Port Townsend, Washington, but resides in "A Place Called Oregon", and hosts a history and genealogy website by the same name. She has one husband, two sons, two dogs, and two old lady cats.  All links to her websites can be found at:   "A Place Called Oregon"  


Leigh lives on a farm in South Carolina, and stays busy with her genealogy research and a menagerie of animals. 

Leigh's South Carolina genealogy & history can be found here:   Irish Racer Homepage

Darlene lived in Douglas County, Oregon most of her life, and was an avid historian and genealogist.  

Darlene's daughter, Carla, sent us a few of her childhood pictures, and we picked this one.  We think she belongs on this page with the rest of the gang.

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