Hidden underbed storage? Neat. Hidden Porsche garage under the garden, however? Unreal. We rounded up our favorite hidden rooms and secret passageways that make completely mundane rooms beyond cool.

Some hidden rooms are all about aesthetics; rather than break up the line of beautiful wallpaper or mouldings, designers hide doors inside the designs. It’s a clever way to conceal a closet or powder room, while making the discovery of such banal spaces exciting. Our favorite secret door reveal? A hidden sauna.

Of course, sometimes it’s just about the secret, especially when bookcases are involved. No one can resist a secret passageway concealed behind a bookshelf, especially ones that reveal a sun-drenched study, well-stocked game room or even a shortcut through a rambling house. Talk about a real life game of Clue.

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Browse the gallery above for all of our favorite secret rooms.